Gym Procedures & Protocols Contract

WELCOME BACK! We missed you! Please take your time to read the following procedures and protocols carefully and ask any questions if you have any.

Procedures & Protocols:


  • Before entering the gym doors please ensure you have your mask on.

  • Please use hand sanitizer at the door upon entering the gym facility.

  • Proceed to the front desk where you will be signed in and verbally screened for COVID-19.

  • Please allot extra time prior to your workout for client profiles to be updated and for screening and procedures and protocols to be completed with each member.

  • All memberships continue seamlessly unless you cancel them.

  • All members MUST have a key tag in order to enter the gym. Your first key tag is free; any replacement key tag is $20.

  • Proceed directly to the change room for proper hand washing with a mask on. Please use the provided cleaners to disinfect anything that you touch BEFORE and AFTER you use it.

  • If you do not have a mask one can be purchased at the front desk.

  • Pick up your spray bottle and towel outside the change room doors.

  • ALL equipment you use and touch MUST be sprayed down BEFORE and AFTER use (i.e. weights, benches, machines, adjustable weight knobs, mats, etc.)

  • While in any area of the gym you MUST stay 6-feet apart- no exceptions.

  • Under no circumstance may you use a machine beside another machine that is in use. There must always be one piece of equipment or cardio equipment that is not in use between each member.

  • Please ensure anything you bring on to the gym floor is also sterilized (i.e. water bottle, phone, etc.) Do not bring unnecessary items on to the floor.

  • Masks must be worn inside the gym facility unless you are exerting yourself through physical activity.

  • Personally Fit believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion. Personally Fit is dedicated to providing a safe environment, free of harassment, for each and every employee and member.




Upon verbally agreeing to this contract a note will be placed in your file. Please note a violation of any of these procedures and protocols will result in an immediate dismissal from the gym and a termination of your membership.

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