Physiotherapy & Massage Clinics

Integrated Wellness Services provides us with a physiotherapist biweekly to assess your injury or limitations and write up a rehabilitation plan for our Physiotherapy Assistants (PTA) to execute with you.

The PTA is continuously in touch with our physiotherapist to make sure you are receiving the highest quality care to become pain free, improve range of motion, increase strength, and feel better. Reassessments with the physiotherapist are available upon request or required every 6 weeks or 3 months.


Welcome Ezzat, our new physiotherapist from Waterloo!

How Much Does this Cost?

The initial assessment is covered by your benefits.  Treatment plans are issued based on the physiotherapist discretion regarding your injury.

30 minute sessions are $70
45 minute sessions are $90
60 minute sessions are $120

We use a "pay as you go" payment plan so you only pay biweekly for the sessions you used the previous two weeks with your PTA. All fees are charged to a valid credit card and an invoice sent to your email for you to claim through your physiotherapy benefits.


This program is an excellent way to address limitations, reduce pain, and a wonderful first step to get you back in the gym working towards your fitness goals!

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