Training Solutions

Get amazing results with a customized fitness plan that's just right for you. Accomplish your goals, stay accountable and have fun with 1:1 Sessions or with Group Training at Personally Fit!

1:1 Training

These sessions are reserved for specific 1:1 clients working with a trainer on individualized goals. An excellent way to reach your personal fitness goals in weight loss, increasing fitness levels, sports specific goals, and more. Must book in advance. Can be booked as a 1:1 session, or with a private group of your choice.

Men’s Weights

Work on core, weight loss, and weight training in a group setting with a personal trainer. Enjoy the fun and non-competitive atmosphere. Great for all ages and levels. Learn new exercises and circuits for specific muscle groups. Open to men of all ages and with a variety goals.


Mom & Baby Fit

Personal training in a group setting for Moms and caregivers. Bring your baby to class with you, and we'll look after your older children. Open to Moms or caregivers with babies or small children.

PFit Class

Enjoy Personal Training in a group setting. Have the benefit of a personal trainer and the support of a group. Work on weight loss, core, and weight training. Terrific variety in each class. Open to all levels and ages. Modification will be made for everyone.

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