Fitness Classes

Experience the energy and fun of working out in one of our group fitness classes. Whether you want to burn calories, tone muscles or improve your flexibility, we have a class for you! Check out our wide variety of classes below.


Get a great workout that combines strength training, cardio, muscular endurance, flexibility and core training. Whatever your fitness level, you'll enjoy this class.

All About Upper

A weight based workout focusing on upper body. 
Open to all ages and levels.



A Pilates based class focusing on strength and toning. Open to anyone wanting an all encompassing workout.


Hop on a bike and burn the calories in a fun and fast paced class. Sign up online or at the front desk to reserve your spot! Trainer will encourage and engage any level, age, or gender.

Butt Blast

We like big butts and we cannot lie! It's Booty Time! Come work on that butt! Open to all ages and levels.

Cross Train

A full body workout encompassing weights, core, and cardio. Two different levels will be offered for each exercise. Open to those seeking a high level of performance.


A relaxing addition to your day and a great compliment to any workout plan. Strengthen muscles, relax, and stretch in a calming environment. Open to all ages, genders, and levels.


Join the party! Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves that allow you to dance away you calories! Fun and easy, this class helps achieve weight loss and toning. Open to the age-experienced population, those newer to fitness, or those with challenges that might make exercising more difficult. All abilities welcome and accommodated. 

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