At Personally Fit, we want to help you achieve your best. We're excited to offer you a Physiotherapy Assessment and Personal Training Clinic and Tai Chi Stretch sessions. Find out the details below.

Physiotherapy Assessment and Personal Training Clinic

Interested in Personal Training but worried that injury or limitation will get in the way? Sign up for a FREE 30 min Physiotherapy Assessment and you can have your Personal Training covered through your benefits! The Physiotherapist and Trainer will work together to deliver you a customized rehabilitation program that will reduce pain, improve your range of motion, adjust imbalances, and strengthen your weak areas so you can work toward your fitness goals safely.

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Tai Chi Stretch

Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. Practicing tai chi helps you fight stress and get exercise. Scientists are discovering its immunity-building and anti-inflammatory properties. Personally Fit has certified Tai Chi instructors. Book one session or a package.

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