About Us

We are a personal training studio and gym designed to suit the needs of every individual looking to lead a healthier life through diet, exercise, or fitness. Our number one goal is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome in the program they choose at Personally Fit. We foster a fun and exciting atmosphere where anyone can come and enjoy fitness at an achievable level. We promise a GREAT and ENJOYABLE workout!

We offer group classes and 1:1 training. Our classes are based on the requests of our clients, so feel free to request a class, time, or day at any point in your experience here. 

Come give us a try today! Enjoy a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere at one of our two locations. You'll get a terrific workout with a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor while having fun! Contact Us to book for your FREE TRIAL CLASS today!

Our Mission

We are a gym focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere designed to suit the needs of every individual seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle. We achieve success with our members by encompassing and considering real life balance while ensuring all family members can accommodate being active into their regular routines. Our number one objective is to ensure everyone feels comfortable while we motivate clients to meet their goals through fitness and fun! While continuing to educate ourselves in modern fitness, we love receiving feedback from clients so we can sustain an innovative and enjoyable environment.


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